BLEACH Eternal Soul is shutting down

BLEACH Eternal Soul Is Shutting Down Its Servers On April 29

We have a somewhat sobering announcement. BLEACH: Eternal Soul is shutting down. Yep, the tactical RPG developed by Efun Games will be pulling the plug on April 29, 2024. The news was just dropped today, so keep reading as we give you the full scoop!

In case you don’t know. Eternal Soul is the adapted gaming version of the popular Japanese anime series BLEACH. Originally airing on TV Tokyo from October 2004 until March 2012, it featured 366 episodes. The show is about Ichigo Kurosaki, who accidentally gets the supernatural fighting abilities of a Soul Reaper.

BLEACH Eternal Soul Is Shutting Down, But Why?

Efun Games mentioned they’re tweaking their game development strategy, which led to shutting down BLEACH: Eternal Soul. However, it looks like the charm of the anime couldn’t help the game stick around. The game just didn’t hit it off big with players or make much of a splash in the gaming world.

The mobile game provides an adventure through the BLEACH anime series, which involves the journey of Ichigo Kurosaki from the day he meets Rukia Kuchiki to his trials as a Substitute Soul Reaper. With over 100 classic characters to interact with, the game was designed to be a treat for fans, re-living the series’ pivotal moments since its release in 2021.

So, starting April 1st, BLEACH: Eternal Soul is winding things down. You won’t be able to sign up or download the game anymore, and topping up your account won’t be an option either. If you’ve still got in-game goodies, you can use them up until the very last day. That’s April 29th when BLEACH Eternal Soul is shutting down.

If you haven’t tried the game yet, you can give it a shot before it says its final goodbyes. Head to the App Store and grab the game now! Also, there are other titles based on the anime that you can try out, too! Among these are Bleach: Brave Souls, Bleach Mobile 3D and the upcoming Bleach: Soul Resonance.

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