The image shows a 4 way collage with 4 main characters from the series but in the 3D style of the game. Each character is surrounded by a different coloured aura with different intensity

All The Active Bleach Soul Reaper Codes – Get Your Diamonds, Gold and Tickets!

Whether you need a boost or just love a freebie I have rounded up all of the active Bleach Soul Reaper Codes for you to enjoy! My codes ensure you that edge you need in combat against the onslaught of Hollows, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back often for new freebies so you don’t miss out!

Bleach Soul Reaper is the 3D battle gacha entry into the Bleach franchise. This turn-based RPG drops you into Soul Society, which is in desperate need of a saviour. Destroy Hollows and enlist a team of all your favourite characters from the hit anime series in this lore-rich experience.

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Bleach Soul Reaper Codes

Codes were last scavenged on March 6th, 2024. Happy release day!

Active Codes

Be sure to redeem these ASAP as codes will appear and drop off this section as I flush out old, expired codes in placement for new exclusive ones. Make sure to input codes exactly as I shared them too since codes tend to be cap-sensitive.

  • BSRLAUNCH [NEW] – 5x Regular Recruitment Ticket, 100 Diamonds, 50k Gold Coins

How To Redeem

Codes are only good if you can redeem them. Thankfully, once you have done it once, you know how to do it indefinitely. Just follow these simple step-by-step to redeem your exclusive freebies!

  • Launch Bleach Soul Reaper
  • Open the Game Settings menu from the main home page
  • Select the “code” input widget
  • Copy and paste a code from our list as we shared it (some codes may be cap-sensitive!)
  • Hit redeem and enjoy your rewards!

Where To Get More Codes

Either you can rely on me to keep this guide regularly updated, or you can check out the Bleach Soul Reaper Discord. Lively servers are sometimes hard to keep up with, but they are great for making new friends! So, I’d still recommend coming back to my guide for codes to make sure you haven’t missed any from server drops. Plus, I’d miss you otherwise!