Bloons TD 6+ is the Latest Game to Land on Apple Arcade

The latest game to land on Apple Arcade, the big A’s game subscription service, is the pretty good Bloons TD 6+. It’s a slightly tweaked version of the latest game in the long running tower defense series, and it features both balloons and monkeys.

This is a lot more than just your standard tower defense game, though. For one thing it features up to four player co-op, so you can defend your towers with some of your friends as well. There are 57 different levels to battle your way through.

There are also plenty of different upgrades for your monkeys, and 22 different towers to unlock. Here’s a trailer for the non + version so you can get a feel for things. Give those monkeys a good eye squeeze.

There are loads of different options and modes, from huge boss battles to groups of levels joined together by themes and more. There’s a whole heap of content here, and if you’ve got a thing for tower defense, you’re going to find it all very impressive.

You can click here to download Bloons TD 6+ from the App Store right this second. You’ll need an Apple Arcade subscription to give it a go, but if you’ve already got one and you’re looking for some light strategy and silly action, it’s well worth checking out.