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The BEST Blox Fruit Sword Tier List! – Updated Regularly (February 2024)

Become your very own Zoro with my Blox Fruit Sword Tier List. My rankings are built from personal experience, player consensus, and a touch of research to make sure that this tier list truly reigns supreme!

Blox Fruits is a Roblox pirate adventure game based on the long-running anime and manga One Piece. This massive game has dominated above all other OP-inspired titles. You can be a pirate or a marine, grab your ship, and set sail across a massive ocean full of islands of adventure.

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Blox Fruit Sword Tier List

Whilst a lotta love has gone into making this, It’s worth reminding you that tier lists are entirely subjective. These rankings are based on my play style, so you may not agree with my choices from best to worst and that is OK! I hope my tier list was insightful regardless of opinions.


With these swords, you’ll be the world’s greatest swordsman. Step aside Mihawk, a new competitor has risen. (I’m not caught up on OP yet… No spoilers please if Zoro has finally become the world’s greatest swordsman)

  • Dark Blade
  • True Triple Katana
  • Buddy Sword
  • Rengoku
  • Spikey Trident
  • Cursed Dual Katana
  • Shark Anchor
  • Triple Dark Blade


Strong, just not the best. These blades are great alternatives if you don’t have access to any of the OP ones within the S-tier.

  • Pipe
  • Dragon Trident
  • Gravity Cane
  • Saber
  • Dark Dagger
  • Pole (2nd Form)
  • Midnight Blade
  • Yama
  • Tushita
  • Hollow Scythe


Average swords that are overall just… Mid. They do the job, but there are more powerful options out there.

  • Shisui
  • Wando
  • Saddi
  • Koko
  • Twin Hooks
  • Canvander


These swords are rather dull. Both in DMG and swords-edge. I recommend getting a stronger blade from this list ASAP.

  • Soul Cane
  • Iron Mace
  • Jitte
  • Longsword
  • Bisento
  • Trident
  • Pole (1st Form)


You may as well be fighting with bare hands. I don’t recommend these blades.

  • Katana
  • Cutlass
  • Shark Saw
  • Triple Katana
  • Dual Katana
  • Warden Sword
  • Dual-Headed Blade