Help Kickstart ‘Bloxels’, a Seriously Cool Video Game Building System for Kids


The people at Pixel Press have a goal: to find a way to get kids of all ages — as well as those still young at heart — interested in the process of video game level design, all without ever needing to fiddle around with level-editors. To this end they’ve invented a 13×13 grid tray that you can fit with blocks of eight different colors, after which a simple scan from your mobile device will render the entire creation as a game level of some sort. Their first planned app for this is B.R.A.V.E. Squad (which itself will be offered as a free download), a top-down action-RPG where heroes traverse through sprawling dungeons — created by other players one 13×13 room at a time — in search of both gems and coins!

If Pixel Press’s concept for their Bloxels level creation system already sounds intriguing to you, then — judging by the fact they’re already almost funded, with a whopping 21 days still remaining — it would seem that you’re not the only one excited by what you’ve seen.

bf7079c40f2af4f3b364f67a0153872f_originalShould Bloxels’s $40k funding goal be successfully achieved — which currently seems rather likely — Pixel Press has already promised that other games using their 13×13 grid will be coming in the future, and they won’t all just be top-down action-RPGs either. Currently planned future apps so far include: edutainment, puzzle games, action games, adventure games, endless runners, tower defense, strategy games, side scrollers, shooters, racers and much more!

Those interested in helping to ensure that the Bloxels development system becomes a reality can currently help by pre-ordering a 13×13 construction grid, complete with over 250 colored blocks, all for a pledge of just $50 (alas, physical rewards are expensive). Meanwhile — for backers hoping to help in larger, or even smaller, amounts — other rewards include: Stickers, Slap Bracelets, Backer T-Shirts, Hoodies, Deluxe Wooden Bloxel Boards, Extra Bloxel Boards (to accelerate build speed), and much more! Finally — should anyone have an extra $1,000 on hand — you can even become forever immortalized as a custom hero, available to everyone, within B.R.A.V.E. Squad’s world.

However — should you now find yourself excited to get your building groove on — it’s vital that you remember to properly slot in your donations before June 18th arrives, otherwise Pixel Press’s dreams might just forever be little more than a round peg in a square hole.