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Ring In 2024 With Blue Archive New Year’s Gift!

Blue Archive is hooking us up with some awesome goodies to kick off the New Year! The dev team dropped the season’s greetings with some pretty generous rewards and a sweet thank-you note to all the sensei community. Want to get your hands on the Blue Archive New Year’s gift? Then, grab it from the App Store.

Blue Archive New Year’s Gift

How about scoring yourself 1200 Pyroxene for free? It’s the dream New Year’s gift for any sensei out there, right? Snag it from January 1 to January 8 and you’re all set to splash those premium in-game currencies on refilling AP, resetting daily hard mode missions, or going all-in on student gachas. As a cherry on top, the first week of January is also doubling up on lesson rewards!

The Blue Archive New Year’s event kicks off with Abydos Resort and Hyakkiyako making a comeback to the title. The main attraction is the “In Search of Hidden Ruins” event, featuring a fresh look for some Trinity Students and board game-style mini-games. Sweetening the deal, there’s also a 3-star double probability event and free 100 pulls (yep, not exaggerating!)

Shiroko and Mimori will be flaunting their new swimsuits. Shiroko is the sports-loving field captain of the Countermeasures Committee of the Abydos High School. Mimori is a deputy director who joined the Etiquette Training Society out of a longing to become a Yamato Nadeshiko. Well, if you are unaware, Yamato Nadeshiko is the ideal Japanese woman who is gentle, graceful and perfect wife material.

In the Blue Archive New Year’s gift note, the developers also mentioned they are working on new features which they’ll roll out soon. The list includes new Trinity Students and features like tutorial curation gachas, bulk skill growth, quick crafting and more. All of January is packed with exciting events and missions. To know more about the events, check out the official forum of Blue Archive.

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