Blue Archive poster featuring four of the most sought-after characters in the game.

Blue Archive Discontinues Linkage of Game Accounts to Twitter

Players of Blue Archive will no longer be able to link their game accounts to Twitter (now X). In a recent notice laying out the guidelines, makers announced that players solely linked via Twitter would be unbound and treated as guest accounts, starting with an update at the end of December 2023.

Upon termination of the linkage function to Twitter, the option will be entirely removed from the game. So if you change your phone or reinstall the app, you will no longer be able to log in to the account you were using unless you have already transferred to a Yostar or iOS account.

About Blue Archive

Blue Archive is a South Korean tactical RPG that released in 2021 for Android and iOS. Developed by Nexon Games, it was first launched in Japan by Yostar and then globally by Nexon. It is free to play with gacha game mechanics as a means to obtain new characters.

In Blue Archive, you play as the protagonist Sensei. The president of the General Student Council summons you to the academic city of Kivotos but her sudden disappearance leads to a sharp rise in criminal activities. Soon, the council’s remaining members task you with managing the situation and searching for the president.

You can form and mobilize units of up to six members, including two “Specials” and four “Strikers”, to participate in various military campaigns. Enhance students’ strengths in different ways, such as by improving their levels, weapons, armor, and skills. You can even recruit more students if you like using in-game currency that is available through in-app purchases.

How to Link with Yostar and Apple Accounts

Go to your account in the menu at the top right of the app screen → “Account linkage” → Tap “Linkage” next to Yostar → Enter any email address and tap “Send verification code”. Enter the verification code provided in the email and tap “OK” to complete linking with your Yostar account.

For iOS devices, go to your account in the menu at the top right of the app screen → “Account linkage” → Tap “Linkage” next to Apple → Authenticate your Apple ID to complete linking with your Apple account.

Blue Archive Transfer: What to Remember

If you link your Apple account, you cannot log in from your Android device.

If you link your account successfully, you will receive 360 ​​cyan stones as a reward.

Each account can earn rewards only once and you can’t duplicate them under any circumstance.

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