Blue Shadow Games Pack1 Review

Bargain Alert!

The App Store truly is a bargain hunter’s nirvana! If game devs aren’t slashing the price-tags on their apps in celebration of Mother’s Day, Father’s day, If Pets Had Thumbs Day or whatever, then they’re releasing dirt-cheap compilation packs like Blue Shadow Games’ latest, which collects three great titles, Death Cop: Mechanical Unit, Baa! Run and Crosak Deathmatch, and will only set you back a paltry $1.99. Can you say insta-buy?

Now, we reviewed both Baa! Run and Death Cop on each game’s respective launch, so I’ll take a quick retrospective look back over those titles before putting Blue Shadow’s brand new iOS offering, Crosak, through its paces.

Let’s start with Death Cop. This ambitious, action-packed dual-stick shooter sees you hopping into a range of tooled-up mech-suits and stomping around a post-apocalyptic future, gunning down enemies, razing buildings to the ground and reducing scenery to rubble. Sounds fun, right? It is. As I said last year, this game represents a valiant effort on the developer’s part to take the genre in an interesting new direction, and the mecha inspired action, RPG elements and diverse range of levels and missions gel well. Death Cop is well worth $1.99 on its own; I had a ton of fun with this one and I’m sure you will too.

Baa! Run is a far simpler proposition: the idea here is to help a cute little sheep outrun a hungry wolf for as long as possible. A rather rudimentary, kiddie-friendly spin on the endless running genre, Baa! Run may be the weakest link in this Games Pack, but it remains an amusing and addictive time-waster. And, hey, if you’re a fan of intuitive gameplay, kooky artwork and highscore challenges, ewe’ll absolutely love it!

Rounding off this eclectic selection of games is Crosak Deathmatch, a side-scrolling beat ’em up/platformer which casts you as a club wielding caveman who spends his days bopping dinosaurs over their heads, avoiding man-eating plants and facing off against ginormous boss enemies.

It’s a bit rough around the edges and a little too repetitive, but I did quite enjoy Crosak, particularly the boss battles (the giant Dodo-saur deserves a special mention!). All in all, Blue Shadow Games Pack1 comes recommended – Death Cop’s got depth, while Baa! Run and Crosak are a lot of fun in small doses.

iFanzine Verdict: If you missed out on Death Cop and Baa! Run the first time around, do yourself a favor and pick up Blue Shadow Games Pack1 Today. Three fun and addictive games for the price of two? It’s a no-brainer really.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]