‘Bobblehead College Football’ Kickstarter Scores Last Minute Success


Longshot Games’ recent Kickstarter managed to pull off a Hail Mary pass at the eleventh hour, meaning that iDevice owners everywhere will soon be able to enjoy Bobblehead College Football at some point in the near future. In the game players will not only be able to carefully lead their head-bobbing team to victory against other colleges, but — given enough time — they’ll also be able to slowly craft the perfect campus. These two activities may initially sound unrelated, but players will quickly discover that the state of their university will directly have a major impact upon their ability to win football games.

In order to craft an ideal team you’ll have to first recruit some fresh players, yet you’ll quickly discover that the most promising rookies ideally want to play exclusively for a popular university (not that you can much blame them). Although you can always work on slowly improving the players you already have, this is a long process that — whether successful or not — always eventually ends with your players leaving upon graduation. Thusly — as you march your way upwards through the rankings — it’ll become ever increasingly vital that you recruit only the best of the best, which means that your university absolutely must become the place that all the college football fans love dearly!


To this end you’ll want to host tail-gating parties — construct hall-of-fame buildings — and erect other such services that drive the fans wild, and yet none of these buildings can be built for free. As such you’ll need to set up vendor stands to sell merchandise to your many fans whom arrive each and every time game day rolls around (although even more money can be earned whenever your team actually succeeds). Of course these installations will have to be built upon the very same real estate where you might otherwise have potentially built facilities for improving the players you already have.

All of the real estate available to you — as well as how far you’re allowed to upgrade structures — will be entirely based upon the size of your school’s personal stadium, which will appropriately always be shown in whichever colors you’ve chosen for your school. Now while it might sound as though upgrading your stadium should be your top priority, things aren’t necessarily that simple; you see, advancing your stadium’s size will ensure that you’re also going to start being matched up against other players at that tier as well. Therefore wise players will likely want to wait until they’re as ready as possible before renovating their field, otherwise they may be faced with fierce competition the likes of which they can’t easily oppose.

Which — of course — finally brings us to the topic of how Bobblehead College Football actually plays, seeing as how Longshot Games’ app wouldn’t exactly be much a football simulation without bobble-headed men charging into each other. Matches will start whenever you select an opponent; after which you may either play against an AI based on their stats (for a small prize), or against the actual player in full real-time (for a big prize). After which you will both — taking up a coach’s indirect role — select which plays your team should execute next, with your success being based upon your stats — your opponent’s stats — and which strategies you both selected. There will also be special power-ups that you may use to help shift the tide in your favor, but — seeing as how you’ll only have access to a limited amount each game — these things must be used judiciously.

In conclusion — iDevice owning fans of college football, as well as business management simulators — just might want to stay on the look out for Bobblehead College Football, which Longshot Games currently expects to arrive sometime later this year.