Bobby: Space Adventure Hands-On Preview

If there’s one thing iOS isn’t lacking it’s creative physics puzzlers, but darn it all if these new releases don’t keep us coming back for more! We recently got our hands on Bobby: Space Adventure, a collaboration from Nooskewl and Studio Dereka that’s about to bust its way right onto the iDevices of genre fans any day now. Provided you’re not turned off by retro-friendly simplicity in the graphics department, this is yet another one to watch out for.

Playing like an out-of-this-world mashup of billiards and Lunar Lander, this one has the player using an anthropomorphic bullet(!) to corral little green globes into portals. Since the bullet dude has his own button-controlled propellant he hardly needs a cue to launch him around, but he shares the cue ball’s weakness for pockets: let him get sucked into one of the portals before the player’s goal is achieved and it’s Game Over. Luckily the player can make him stop on a dime with a brake button if needed.

Bobby: Space Adventure‘s strength lies in how it takes the fundamental appeal of pool and twists that formula with gravity physics and barrier design. Puzzle layouts start simply enough to let the player get a feel for the game’s physics, but they quickly erupt into mazelike complexity. What remains constant from beginning to end is the challenge of maneuvering bullet boy with the razor sharp precision needed to get those last few balls pocketed, taking care that he doesn’t spill into the drink himself.

We can say for now that the weird premise of Bobby: Space Adventure will be enough to hook physics and action puzzle fans. But does it pack enough – and sufficiently varied – content to remain satisfying over the long haul? Stay tuned for an iFanzine Verdict when it releases!