BodyQuest is an Adventure Through the Human Body, Out Later This Month

BodyQuest is a game about exploring your way through the human body. It’s fun, it’s educational, it’s probably more for kids than grown-ups, and it’s landing on the App Store later this week. The game has already been warmly received on Switch, and now it’s making the shift to even smaller handheld devices.

Set in the future, where a disease is sweeping the globe (yeah, the future), the game sees you shrinking yourself down to explore your friend’s body and try and cure them. There are goopy things to zap, puzzles to solve and questions about the make-up of the human form to answer. Like Inner Space but with more quizzes and fewer Martin Shorts.

To give you a better idea of what to expect from the game, we’ve embedded a trailer below. Such are the wants of the modern internet user, after all.

BodyQuest is set to land on the App Store on May 27th, which by our reckoning is ten days from now. We’re pretty good at maths, so there’s a very good chance we’re correct. It’ll feature 25 levels, five different zones and four playable characters too.

The game will set you back $5.99 when it launches, and we reckon it’s a great way to help your kids learn about the human body.