The ‘Bolt Riley: A Reggae Adventure’ Kickstarter Needs a Last-Minute Burst of Support from Fans


Perhaps you remember last year’s Kickstarter for Bolt Riley: A Reggae Adventure, the attempt by Oded Sharon — and all of his associates — to finish development on a Graphic Adventure game after their initial publisher went under. The game — despite being co-developed by the Cole family, the legendary veterans behind Sierra’s Quest For Glory and Dr. Brain series — unfortunately didn’t even reach half of its minimum funding goal. The end result was that Oded Sharon’s vision — the rise to fame story of the greatest fictional reggae star ever, as he dealt with issues of gathering both band and inspiration — alongside their planned 2D cell animation, all seemed doomed to sadly just fade away.

However, hope showed up when Ze Frank — conducting an experiment on the notion that most projects secure all of their capital during the initial and final three days — tried to fund the revival of his internet video blog series with an extremely shortened campaign. His massive success provided the inspiration for Oded Sharon to launch a second campaign — aiming to fund just the first episode of his planned trilogy — via a Kickstarter expecting to raise approximately $31,700, all within a period of just seven measly days. This time around — in order to further help facilitate the odds for success — the Bolt Riley Kickstarter also additionally dropped all plans for physical rewards, only offering backers things that were all digital, as well as joining sides with OUYA’s Free the Games fund.

70ebf7ce651af0af0e0d9958cb3988f4_largeAnyways, for those of you whom aren’t yet familiar with Oded Sharon’s project, Bolt Riley is the tale of a poor boy from Trenchtown — an extremely run down area in Jamaica — as he pursues his dream of becoming the next major Reggae star. In order to do this he must go on a journey of self discovery – dealing with issues of friends, family, and love — in order to find the inspiration for the unique music that he and his future band will play. Accomplishing this task will require him to embark upon a classic Graphic Adventure style experience, involving many puzzles to solve — people to meet, each complete with unique and witty personalities — as well as at least one very long piece of rope.

Anyways, the relaunched Kickstarter has obviously been doing very well so far — with over 75% of the total funding currently acquired — but there’s there still much work to be done (especially since there’s already less than a day remaining on the clock). Currently those wishing to help ensure that Bolt Riley finds stardom on his second attempt can earn a launch day PC copy for just $15 — or $10 if they act quickly — which is then expected to arrive around 4/20/2016 (yes, they really went there). Meanwhile, those whom donate even more will receive a variety of 100% digital swag including: the game’s soundtrack, a digital art book, an even the chance to appear inside the game itself!

Afterwards — if successfully funded — the game will then be ported to every known platform with Unity support, with iOS being directly listed as a top priority for Bolt Riley’s future (after the OUYA’s exclusivity period ends). However, this is all still hinges upon even more people being sure to quickly chip in their donations before Bolt Riley: A Reggae Adventure’s relaunched Kickstarter ends on August 9th at precisely 5am EDT. For anyone whom was ever a fan of classic Graphic Adventure games — in particular: any of the series designed by Lori and Corey Cole — or perhaps just awesome music in general, now is the time to make sure that Riley’s dream finally become a reality!