Bomb Survivor Review

What might it be like to be a lone soldier stranded in a war zone? Bomb Survivor (out now, $0.99) puts you in such a scenario, with planes zooming overhead dropping all sorts of bombs. To dodge death, you’ve got to either run faster (move left) or slow down (move right/backwards). At the same time, you’ve got to jump over ground mines.

screen480x480With its old-school gameplay and graphics, Bomb Survivor honestly doesn’t come across as very interesting in comparison to the multitude of gorgeous games available today. However, if you don’t mind plain designs or if you have kids who need something simple to play, the game does offer a decent challenge.

The controls are straightforward. A tap on the left arrow moves the soldier forward, while a tap on the right arrow does the opposite. There are also two jump buttons: a forward jump, and a backward jump.

Bomb Survivor plays a bit like an endless runner, but it’s split into levels. You will earn coins as you play, which you can use to buy different uniforms for your soldier. Looks-wise, it doesn’t make much difference because the graphics are so plain, but the different colored uniforms will give your soldier varying levels of health. These uniforms aren’t permanent though. Each can only be used three to five times.

iFanzine Verdict: If you’re nostalgic about the games from your childhood, Bomb Survivor may appeal to you. Otherwise, you might not find it terribly exciting. Perhaps if you have kids this game could possibly entertain them.