10tons’ Boom Brigade 2 Hits this Thursday, Grim Joggers Goes Free in Celebration!

10tons are getting ready to explode back onto the App Store with Boom Brigade 2 later in the week. And what better way to celebrate than slashing the price-tag on their bloody brilliant endless runner Grim Joggers into non-existence?

Here’s what the folks at 10tons have to say about Boom Brigade 2, the long awaited sequel to 2009’s Top 10 hit iOS game: “It’s a line drawing top down shooter with tower defense elements. The game includes a fully fledged and hand-crafted campaign with three chapters and 30 missions. In addition there are several quick game modes with leaderboard support …Whip out your minigun and get ready to kick some otherwordly alien butt!”

Boom Brigade 2 lands this Thursday, the 21st of June. Check out an awesome gameplay trailer below, and if you march on over to the game’s official site you’ll find plenty more info, screenshots and video footage.