Wow, Talk about Meta: Video Game Based Card Game ‘Boss Monster’ Is Becoming a Video Game!


Perhaps you were paying attention when — back in 2012 — Brotherwise Games managed to successfully Kickstart their plans for Boss Monster, a collectible card game where players take on the role of 80’s video game villains, all to the tune of nearly 2000% funding! Boss Monster’s premise is that players — represented by various stereotypical retro style gaming villains — add a new room to their ever expanding dungeon each turn, with every room having varying levels of danger — unique rules sets — and heroic archetype appeal. The goal of their dungeon building is to become the first overlord to collect the souls of ten different heroes unfortunate enough to meet their demise, without — in the process — having one of the goody-goodies inadvertently slay your pixelated villain along the way.

Boss Monster’s premise — complete with tons of old school gaming references — went on to be met with tons of praise and accolades, and quickly became a best seller at numerous gaming hobby shops all across the US. However, despite all the fun that people were having with Brotherwise’s card game, there was one major request most people voiced on a regular basis: the desire for a — preferably mobile based — digital edition of the game. That’s right — you didn’t misread — Brotherwise Games had people begging for a video game based on a card game, that itself was already based on virtually every single video gaming classic ever released during the eighties!

5a26fe82aa5bd6153aaa8580f590cedb_largeDesiring nothing more than to make all of their fans’ meta-tastic requests come true, Brotherwise Games recently teamed up with Plain Concepts in order to bring Boss Monster to various iOS and Android based tablet devices. This new digital addition aims to let players compete against up to three AI opponents in single player mode, as well as contain both single unit based — and even online asynchronous — multiplayer options. There will even be seven all new cards included in Boss Monster’s digital edition that feature unique game play properties and concepts that could only ever reasonably make sense within the context of an entirely digital medium!

However — before any of this can happen — proper funding is first going to be needed, leading Brotherwise to their most recent Kickstarter seeking to secure over $85,000 in development capital. Furthermore — should they successfully rake in an amount excess to this figure, such as their initial Kickstarter did — then Boss Monster’s digital edition will also be developed for various computer formats and gaming consoles. With over $50k of this total already raised — and 23 days still remaining — things are currently looking rather up for the California based card game makers, but their journey isn’t done yet!

Currently you can help fund the development of Boss Monster’s digital edition with a pledge of just $5, which will net you a launch day copy — of either the Android or iOS edition — for less than the final retail price. Meanwhile — for those whom donate even further to Boss Monster — additional rewards include: various rule altering expansion packs, physical copies of the digital edition’s exclusive cards, and even beta tester access. However — for the most dedicated overlords in training ever — there is even the opportunity to become the subject matter of an upcoming digital exclusive master villain, as well as receive the only twenty physical copies of that card to ever be produced!

In conclusion — should you be intrigued by everything you’ve read so far — be sure to chip in your pledge before September 12th rolls around, or else a certain nondescript — totally legally distinct — plumber just might dash all of Brotherwise Game’s villainous plans.