Brand New RAD Soldiers Gameplay Trailer Explodes onto the Interwebs!

Atten-shun! WarChest Limited have today unveiled a snazzy new trailer for their eagerly anticipated turn-based multiplayer strategy game, RAD Soldiers. The gameplay trailer, snappily entitled ‘A Combat Cocktail,’ showcases plenty of previously unseen in-game footage, including “the first-ever look at squad customisation and the various multiplayer levels, all garnished with a generous helping of Pew Pew and explosions.”

RAD Soldiers is currently only available from the Canadian App Store (where it’s a free download and has been getting a promisingly warm response from players so far), and should see a worldwide release very soon. In the meantime, you can reserve your in-game nickname over on WarChest Games’ official site and stay up to date with the latest developments by following the WarChest team on Twitter.