Brandnew Boy: Infinity Hits the App Store for Free!

As you’ve no doubt gathered from our glowing review and in-depth developer interview, we’re already huuuge fans of Oozoo Inc.’s Unreal Engine-powered 3D beat ‘em up Brandnew Boy ’round these parts. Those of you who haven’t yet sampled the delights of this quirky, action packed title, though, might be interested to hear Oozoo recently released a free, tempting taste of the full game onto the App Store. It goes by the name Brandnew Boy: Infinity and comes packing the game’s endlessly enjoyable ‘infinity mode.’

Here’s what Oozoo have to say about this brand new lite version:(Brandnew Boy: Infinity‘s) a great way to get a feel for the game’s mechanics and enjoy its eclectic mix of villains, from whimsical to surreal. Brandnew Boy: Infinity also has the potential for hours and hours of replay. Of course, players who get hooked may want to turn their attention to the full version of the game, since Brandnew Boy: Infinity’s data doesn’t transfer to the full game upon download.”