‘Bravura – Quest Rush’ Gets a Major Update


Back in October of last year our lead reviewer Clovis L. Dye, Jr. put Digital Tales’ Bravura – Quest Rush through its paces. He scored the game a very solid 4 out of 5 and summed it up thusly: “(BQR) takes elements of endless runner gameplay — minus the randomized stages — and mixes them with RPG style party and leveling mechanics, in the process creating something unique and engaging.”

Since BQR’s initial release, the folks at Digital Tales have being paying close attention to both players and reviewers, using their feedback as the basis for a major content-expanding update to the game. That update arrived on the App Store this past weekend and it’s absolutely jam-packed with awesome new stuff!

Just a few of the highlights include: a brand new Frontier mode’ designed for veteran players, including harder stages with randomized quests and enemies; a new loot system, with plenty of collectables to be found and used to perform character upgrades; an expanded upgrade system; enhanced graphic interface and menus; and improved performance across all Apple devices.

The newly revamped Bravura – Quest Rush is available right now for only $1.99.