Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars Carl FAQ: How to Get New Brawler Carl and His Statistics Explained

Brawl Stars is settling into a nice routine of regularly releasing new brawlers, which shakes up the formula.

Earlier this year we got support specialist Gene and now we’ve got Carl, a long-ranged miner that wields his pickaxe like its a boomerang.

While Carl isn’t actually available in Brawl Stars yet, we’ve decided to round up all of the information we know right now to help you decide whether he’s the brawler for you.

Carl’s Description:

Carl is the most recent brawler to land in Brawl Stars. Well, we say that but he isn’t actually available in the game just yet.

But he will be soon. He’s classified as a Super Rare Brawler and is a Sharpshooter type, meaning that he’s excellent at range.

He rides a mine cart and throws his pickaxe like it’s a boomerang. This means it can hit an enemy twice in a single throw.

Carl in Stats:

  • Health: 4,400
  • Attack: 640
  • Range: 23
  • Super: 400
  • Speed: 720

Attack: Pickaxe

Carl throws his pickaxe like a boomerang, allowing him to hit an enemy twice with each throw. If it hits a wall, it will return twice as fast too, allowing you to increase your DPS.

Super: Tailspin

Tailspin is an AoE attack that lets Carl temporarily deal damage to all enemies near him.

Star Power: Power Throw

Power Throw lets Carl throw his pickaxe with greater force, which is much faster than an ordinary throw.

When Will Carl Arrive?

Soon. Sorry! We can’t be any more specific than that.

Curiously, Supercell is about to release a new update that includes a bug fix for Carl. What’s the point in that if he isn’t available in the game yet?

Well, we reckon that just suggests he’s available soon. Are you excited to play him? Let us know in the comments.