Brawlhalla is out Worldwide on the App Store

Fast-paced platform brawling action is now available in the palm of your hand thanks to the release of Brawlhalla. Ubisoft’s super-fancy four player scrapper has been polished up for touchscreen devices and it’s a lot of fun.

Once you’ve picked your character – and there’s loads of them to choose from – you’re dropped into an arena to duke it out with three other players. Buttons on the screen controls your attacks and you need to chain together combos to batter your foes.

You can check out what to expect from the game in the trailer we’ve embedded below. Give it a watch and we reckon you’re going to be as excited as we are to give this one a go.

Looks pretty damn cool, right? It works really well on touchscreen devices as well, with the combat just as slick and entertaining as it was on PC and consoles.

The game won’t cost you anything to download, but there are IAPs. Those are optional though, but they’ll speed up your progression and let you unlock more characters.

Click here and you can pick up Brawlhalla from the App Store right now. Have you played the game before? Excited to give it a go on mobile? Then make sure you let us know in the comments section at the bottom of this paragraph.