Breaking News – Splinter Cell: Conviction

The first few screenshots for Gameloft’s forthcoming stealth-fest, Splinter Cell: Conviction, have just broken cover over at And from the looks of things Sam Fisher’s locked, loaded, and ready to take the Appstore by storm.

With an over-the-shoulder, third-person perspective of the sneaky action, the screens are reminiscent of last years’ smash-hit Terminator Salvation adaptation. Albeit with a massive graphical overhaul. Also given that the game’s a tie-in with the console release, we can most likely expect a Sam-on-the-lamb storyline and a globetrotting adventure that takes in a blend of stealth and all-out action.

Conviction will emerge from the shadows sometime next month brandishing all the usual hi-tech gadgetry and silent kills fans have come to expect from the series, while (hopefully) making full use of the iPhone’s unique features. Looks as if Gameloft have yet another hit on their hands. Booya!