Bridge Constructor+ Out Now on Apple Arcade

Basically, what it says in the headline. The newest game for Apple Arcade landed over the weekend, and it’s Bridge Constructor+. So if you like building bridges, laughing as trucks plummet to their death and generally having a lovely time, then you’re in luck.

The game is a slightly spruced up version of the original Bridge Constructor game. There are a bunch of levels that see you placing struts, beams and other construction pieces in order to put together a structure that’ll hold a truck or some other vehicle.

It’s a neat idea, and it works really well. You’re puzzling out your positioning, trying to make sure your passengers get from A to B without a horrifying crash. And there’s more than that here as well, in the form of a couple of add-ons.

Add to your bridge

Alongside the base game, this + version also includes the SlopeMania and Trains add ons. They bring an extra 42 levels to the experience, and you’ll require all your bridge-building guile if you want to complete them.

Bridge Constructor+ is available from the App Store right now. You can click here to download it. You will need an Apple Arcade subscription to give it a go. If you’ve already played the original, you’re going to know what to expect here, but it’s still a lot of fun.