Brilliant Retro Platform Shooter Huntdown, Out Now for iPhone and iPad

Huntdown has been out on other platforms for a while now, and pretty much everyone who’s played it has loved it. It feels like a souped-up Mega Drive game, replete with neon mohawks, chunky pixel graphics and a grimy cyberpunk aesthetic. And now it’s out for iPhone and iPad.

The game sees you playing as a bounty hunter. You work your way through a series of levels, killing everything in a denim vest, then taking on your target in a massive battle to the death. You’ve got guns, you’ve got grenades, you can pick up electric guitars and mash people over the head with them.

The touchscreen controls are pretty much spot on. You never feel like you don’t have a handle on things, whether you’re ducking into cover or leaping out of the way of an oncoming attack. Huntdown is every bit as impressive on mobile as it is on PC and console.

This is the sort of game you’re going to sit down to have a quick go on, then it’ll be four hours later and you’ve decided that fingerless leather gloves are absolutely the fashion choice that you’ve been looking for all these years. Seriously, it’s ace.

If you ever played Robocop on a 16bit console, then Huntdown is going to fill your heart with a warming, violent glow. It’s slick, it’s gorgeous to look at and it hasn’t lost anything in the translation to the smallest screens.

You can grab Huntdown from the App Store by clicking here. The first chunk of the game is free, so you can see if you like it. The rest is unlocked with an $8.99 IAP. And, quite frankly, it’s worth every single penny.