Bring About Some Funny Family Tragedies With the Brilliant Gloom: Digital Edition, Out Now for iOS and Android

Families are great, but sometimes you can’t help but want to make their lives a little bit miserable. That’s the idea behind the hilarious and morose card game Gloom: Digital Edition, which is out right now for Android and iOS. 

The game is based on the award-winning physical card game Gloom from Atlas Games. And this digital edition from Sky Ship Studios comes with a host of super interesting features that are going to make your time with it even more enjoyable.

Your aim here is to try and make the members of your digital family as miserable as you possibly can. Death, depression and doom are absolutely the name of the game. There are five families to choose from – Slogar, Blackwater, Canard, Dark and Hemlock.

All of the families have unique voice overs, which help to bring their trials and tribulations to life. The same can be said for the gloriously gloomy art-style. It’s haunting in all of the right ways, and makes every second you spend with the game an absolute treat.

There are a number of different ways to play Gloom: Digital Edition. You can choose single player, or take on other gamers in four player online multiplayer. There’s a quick-game option too so you can leap straight into the wonderfully woeful action.

The icing on the pitch-black cake is that the Unhappy Homes DLC is available in the game from the outset. That’s going to add even more depressing drama and miserable mayhem to the experience.

You can find out more about Gloom: Digital Edition by clicking here and checking out its official site. The game is on Facebook and Twitter too, so make sure you follow those accounts.

If you want to just jump into the Gloom: Digital Edition fun, you can download it right now from the App Store (and the Google Play Store).