Colourful poster for BRIXITY's multiplayer update that features a few of its characters

BRIXITY Introduces Multiplayer Mode in Its Latest Update

In the latest update for BRIXITY, its developers have introduced the highly-awaited multiplayer mode called Party at Play Square. Developer Studio Kingdom and Devsisters released the update this week for the sandbox city-building game. The mode will have you interacting with other players as you attempt to expand the map in different ways.

The update also offers a robust map editor so players can make things look how they wish. Several cosmetic additions give players the ability to even change things up with their characters. Additionally, the makers have made available a special crossover with the CookieRun series for players to double their fun.

BRIXITY: Party at Play Square

Building towns with your buddies makes BRIXITY’s gameplay much more immersive as players can now collaborate to build the city of their dreams.

Going beyond city-building, the Party at Play Square update also enhances players’ interactive experience. They can design their gameplay scenarios and engage in real-time interactions with other users. This significantly expands the creative aspect of BRIXITY’s gaming experience.

In a gist, the Party at Play Square update offers the following new features!

Play Square – Players can create maps, express emotions, and seamlessly chat with other players.

Play Map Editor – Players can use the feature presets to bring their imagination to life by designing unique interactions such as tag games, running races, and PVP team battles.

New Pipos, Brix, and Costumes – The update includes ten new pipos, two seasonal themes, 57 kitchens, and ten seasonal costumes. Five of the pipos are based at the Winter Sports Centre and the other five at the Gallery Art Museum. All pipos are optimized for Play Maps.

Cross-promotion with CookieRun – Players can access two CookieRun maps in Play Square once they link the two accounts. For doing this, they will receive crystals and rainbow cubes in CookieRun: OvenBreak and various in-game currencies and BRIXITY-exclusive costumes in CookieRun: Kingdom.

Although BRIXITY is free to play, it allows users to make in-app purchases. Download the game now for your preferred device on iOS or Android.

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