Daily Deals: ‘Broken Age’, ‘Goat Simulator’, ‘Leo’s Fortune’, ‘Infinity Blade III’, & More Discounted


Welcome to another edition of Daily Deals, a brand new iFanzine feature in which we round up all the best iOS gaming-related offers, deals and discounts from around the interwebs. (This post will be updated throughout the day as and when we spot new deals so be sure to check back regularly! And please feel free to use Twitter or the comments section below to alert us of anything awesome we may have missed.)

Without further ado, here’s today’s list

King Oddball (Was $1.99 » Now Free): You can always count on 10tons Ltd. for some great sales and freebies during the holiday season, and this year’s no different. The prolific indie studio are currently offering iOS gamers the chance to download their supremely kooky physics puzzler King Oddball totally free of charge. [AppAddict] Update #1: Sadly this offer is no longer available.

KungfuTaxi2 (Was $1.99 » Now Free): Keyloft Inc are running a free promotion on their delightfully fun and visually stunning platformer KungfuTaxi2, which transports players to Song Dynasty-era China and puts them in control of a pair of Kongfu drivers. This one is worth a download for its gorgeous Chinese “shadow play” inspired art direction alone. [AppSaga]

Broken Age (Was $9.99 » Now $4.99): Tim Schafer’s first graphic adventure game in sixteen years, Broken Age: Act One, is on sale for half off at the moment! Its utterly spellbinding story, engrossing gameplay, beautiful hand-painted visuals, and all-star vocal cast (including Elijah Wood and Jack Black) make this a must-have, especially at such a low, low price. [AppShopper]

Deus Ex: The Fall (Was $6.99 » $0.99): The insanely great Square Enix holiday sale continues with critically acclaimed action-RPG Deus Ex: The Fall dropping to a fraction of its usual price. [PocketGamer]

Infinity Blade III (Was $6.99 » Now $0.99): ChAIR Entertainment have slashed six bucks off the price-tag of their blockbuster action-RPG Infinity Blade III (our review). We called Infinity Blade III “one of the best looking, best controlling, deepest, and most satisfying iOS games you’ll ever play,” so yeah, it’s a total bargain at 99¢. [AppShopper]

Goat Simulator (Was $4.99 » Now $0.99): Coffee Stain Studios’ stupendously entertaining — and entertainingly stupid — open-world goat simulation game is currently on sale for the first time ever for under a buck. Wow, what an absolutely smashing deal! [Slickdeals]

Leo’s Fortune (Was $4.99 » Now $0.99): Winner of an ‘Apple Design Award’ and one of my personal favorite iOS titles of the past year, 1337 & Senri LLC’s near-perfect platform adventure game Leo’s Fortune, can be yours for less than a dollar at the moment. [AppShopper]

Battle Supremacy (Was $4.99 » Now $0.99): We praised the heck out of Atypical Games and Revo Games’ WWII tank game Battle Supremacy in our review, fawning in particular over its jaw-dropping visuals and excellent online multiplayer mode, so picking it up while it’s on sale for 99¢ is a no-brainer. [AppShopper]

Surgeon Simulator (Was $4.99 » Now $0.99): Bossa Studios have just sliced the price of Surgeon Simulator down to 99¢ as part of their just-launched ‘Holiday sales bonanza’. Other discounted Bossa titles include Deep Dungeons of Doom, Twelve a Dozen and Thomas was Alone. [Slickdeals]

Terraria (Was $4.99 » Now $0.99): 505 Games’ immensely popular action-adventure sandbox crafting game Terraria just received a pretty huge price cut. Now that the game’s available for less than a dollar, there’s never been a better time to join the community of millions of Terrarians! [TouchArcade]

Update #2: Valiant Hearts: The Great War (Was $4.99 » Now $0.99): The first episode of Ubisoft’s phenomenal puzzle/adventure game Valiant Hearts: The Great War is now available at a special discounted price. [AppAddict]

EMPIRE: The Deck Building Strategy Game (Was $2.99 » Now Free): Crazy Monkey Studios’ are offering EMPIRE: The Deck Building Strategy Game (our review) for the crazy good price of free at the moment. [AppAddict]

Flick Champions Winter Sports (Was $1.99 » Now Free): Chillingo get in on the holiday sales action by dropping the price of Flick Champions Winter Sports to free. [AppAddict]

Update #3: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (Was $4.99 » Now $2.99): Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is an absolute steal at this low of a price! Chinatown Wars also recently received an update that added loads of enhancements like Retina Display-ready graphics, MFi controller support, improved touchscreen controls and more to the game, so this sale really couldn’t have come at a better time. [AppShopper]

Amanita Design Sale: Amanita have just lowered the prices of two award-winning adventure games, Machinarium (Was $4.99 » Now $2.99) and Botanicula (our review) (Was $4.99 » Now $2.99). [AppShopper]