Build Your Own Giant Monster and Wreak Havoc in Upcoming Strategy Game ‘Kaiju-a-Gogo’


Kerberos Productions — the Canadian team that brought us both Sword of the Stars: The Pit and Ground Pounders — recently announced a game which they have described as X-Com in reverse, wherein you destroy cities around the world with your giant monsters! You play the role of a brilliant — yet utterly mad — scientist that was rejected by society for his/her entire life, and now there’s nothing you want more than to make cities everywhere grovel and plead at the feet of the gigantic monstrosity that your science has wrought. However, you must be quick as rivals mad scientists are all trying to reverse engineer your work — so that they too might build their very own Kaiju — therefore there’ll be too much competition to deal with unless you conquer the entire world in under five years.

Players begin Kaiju-a-Gogo by first selecting from one of three fledgling scientists whom are defined largely by their own personal Kaiju: “Armagordon: The Atomic Superman”; “Ginormasauras: The Engine of Destruction”; and “Shrubby: Mean Green Mother”! During players’ efforts to take over the world — eliminating cities one by one — they will eventually accrue a stockpile of resources, with which they can use to upgrade both their lab and Kaiju between episodes of destruction. Furthermore, each of the three primary Kaiju have 90 different upgrades to explore — spread out across a giant freely explorable skill tree — ensuring that players can build a wholly unique monster on each play though.


Unfortunately the complex nature of the upgrade system, which can result in two copies of the same monster looking wildly different by the time a game ends, has turned Kaiju-a-Gogo into the most ambitious game that Kerberos Productions has ever attempted. Because of this they have been forced to turn towards Kickstarter with a request for $50,000 (CAD) in funding, so that they might successfully bring Kaiju-a-Gogo to both the PC and a variety of mobile platforms. So far things have been looking up for Kerberos’s mad schemes, with their Kickstarter managing to rake in a monstrously large $20,300 (CAD) so quickly that an entire nineteen days still remain on their clock!

Currently anyone may secure a day one release copy of Kaiju-a-Gogo — as well as champion the dreams of mad scientists, whom really only seeks to be understood — all for a pledge of just of $15 (CAD), but also for as low as $12 (CAD) if you act quickly. Meanwhile — for those whom donate even more heavily — the developers have an array of additional rewards, such as: T-Shirts, Special in-game golden monster skins, lithograph posters, mouse pads, access to all future Kerberos games, and much more! The most premium reward — however — would certainly have to be where one person was permitted to help design a fourth playable Scientist/Kaiju combo, which sadly is already taken.

In conclusion, be sure to chip in your donations before June 11th arrives — assuming you desire to see Kerberos Productions’ vision realized — or else the Kaiju Defense Forces will storm the laboratories of mad scientists everywhere before even one Kaiju can be built!