Bulkypix and Mingle Games’ Ultra-Stylish Endless Runner ‘Dark Lands’ Drops to Free


Bulkypix and Mingle Games have slashed $2.99 off the usual price of Dark Lands, meaning you can now pick up this excellent endless runner for absolutely nothing, nada, zilch. This is a great deal since Dark Lands is still a fairly new release and has garnered a considerable amount of buzz for its stylishly violent content and gorgeous silhouetted art style

Dark Lands received a pretty favorable write-up from iFanzine’s lead reviewer Clovis L. Dye, Jr. recently. In his 3.5 star review of the game, he had this to say,Dark Lands is a very stylish endless runner, paying proper tribute to the brutal nature of Sword and Sorcery pulp literature, all while giving players far more freedom than found in most other endless runners.” It’s worth mentioning that Clovis also found the implementation of IAPs in Dark Lands to be a tad on the aggressive side, but since the game’s now available for free, I guess that becomes less of an issue. 

At present, I’m not entirely sure whether this a permanent price-drop or just a limited time only kinda deal, so if you fancy nabbing Dark Lands for $0.00, you should probably hit the link below as soon as possible.

Download Dark Lands on the App Store.