Featured Image for our news on Buriedbornes2. It features the priest from Buriedbornes wearing a yellow robe and holding a wand-style stick.

Ready To Play With Corpses Again? Buriedbornes2 Coming Soon!

Have you played the dungeon RPG Buriedbornes? If not, then go play it. If yes, then there’s a sequel coming up that we’re totally looking forward to. The publishers just rolled out pre-orders for Buriedbornes2. The F2P game with IAP is expected to hit mobiles on January 10, 2024.

A Dungeon RPG

Buriedbornes2 will be a dungeon RPG, obviously! The Ancient Overlord continues to create havoc with his horde of skeletons and corpses.  Dive into the dungeons’ twists and turns, controlling the Overlord’s army and replacing their souls. It’s not just about surviving anymore, it’s about thriving!

There will be slight changes in the training and union systems of Buriedbornes2. You can retain a collection of 5 skills for each race and job and even swap one skill at the end of each adventure. New attributes such as Skill Runes and Burst Mode will be added to skills.

The stakes are higher this time. A new target floor and keystone will await to challenge you. The keystone can be acquired before embarking on an adventure. But it will crank up the difficulty level of the dungeon. So, why don’t you head to the App Store and pre-order Buriedbornes2?

Who’s Returning?

Ancient Overlord is the boss as usual. Some familiar faces will appear as they are such as Amorphous, Caterpillar, Master Ninja, and more. While you might encounter a few others in a different form. Soulstones will act as character assets in Buriedbornes2.  

Skills like Diamond Dust and Eternal Dark will return, undergoing minor changes. Buriedbornes boasts a unique art style and random loot and encounters, however at times, it leaves us in the dark about damages and stats. I’m crossing my fingers that the sequel brings a better experience for us.

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