‘ButtonMasher’ Aims to Bring ’80s Handheld Classic ‘Simon’ into the Mobile Gaming Era


Do you remember — way back in the day — trying to beat all of your friends at Milton Bradley’s Simon, all just to prove which one of you had the best short-term memory (at least in regards to colors and sounds)? Eric Chamberlain and Shayne Smith sure do, and that’s why they’re aiming to bring Simon into the mobile gaming era — complete with a massive visual overhaul — via their debut project. Not only will ButtonMasher let you play alone — or turn takingly against friends in real life — but it will furthermore let you crush random competitors online, and even do so across three different difficulty settings.

The duo have currently been hard at work on their Simon homage for some time now, claiming that their online play mode is already working, and have now hit the point where only the game’s presentational polish remains to be addressed. Currently their plans to spruce up ButtonMasher include: arm-wrestling arcade machine inspired animations, a catchy Dub Step soundtrack, and other assorted visual tweaks. It is at this juncture — however — that they have hit a road block, for they currently lack the money needed to purchase the professional music and art tools that Shayne needs for all of this.

It is to this end that they’ve petitioned the Kickstarter community for the very humble sum of $2,500, of which nearly a third so far — currently standing at $790 — has been secured. While no reward tier is currently set to earn you a release copy of the game itself, the duo have promised to high five anyone — should they ever happen to meet — whom pledges an entire $10 to ButtonMasher (as well as send them an iOS wallpaper). Those whom donate even further — however — will receive higher tier rewards such as: custom signed artwork from Shayne, a thank you on the duo’s website, early beta-tester access, a custom designed song made in your honor by Shayne himself, and much more!

Those interested in proving once and for all whom has the best short term memory — from anywhere on the go — should keep in mind that ButtonMasher’s Kickstarter will end on May 18th, after which the project just might be eternally forgotten if not fully funded.