Call of Duty Mobile Gets Zombies, Controller Support, and a New Battle Pass This Week

Call of Duty Mobile is about to get the biggest update since launch this week, which includes the addition of zombies mode, controller support, and a brand new Battle Pass.

We’re not sure exactly how zombies will play on mobile, though we expect it to be a very similar experience to its PC and console variants.

Call of Duty Mobile is Set to Get its Biggest Update Since Launch

The same goes for controller support. We’re not sure if those who play with a controller will be separated from touchscreen users, which would be preferable.

Call of Duty Mobile is a touchscreen reimagining of the Call of Duty franchise, combining weapons, maps, characters, and modes from the Black Ops and Modern Warfare series.

You can grab it right now on the App Store, ahead of its huge update launching later this week.