Can You Crack the Mystery of Upcoming Puzzler ‘Boxen’?

Do you remember when Johan Åhlén’s early prototype for Boxen — a challenging puzzle game, requiring copious amounts of outside-the-box thinking — was attempted by over 200,000 people back in October? Don’t feel bad should you have likely answered ‘No,’ seeing as how that prototype — of which roughly only ten people ever finished — was only made available in a single language: Swedish. However — despite being effectively hidden from most of the world — the massive response to his initial thirty-level offering spurred Johan Åhlén onwards, which then resulted in a recently successful Kickstarter project!

Little is known about the all-new Boxen that Johan Åhlén is now feverishly working on (other than the fact it’ll thankfully support far more languages this time around), since it’s hard to say much about a game starring lateral-thinking without also giving stuff away. That said, Johan Åhlén has — for those of you whom can’t wait — issued forth a challenge in which you might be able to more-expeditiously learn about his remake-machinations. All you need to do is visit Boxen’s successful Kickstarter page and solve the rather enigmatic puzzle left behind, and afterwards — should you have successfully solved the code-filled puzzle — enter the derived code word over at the project’s main website.

We here at iFanzine eagerly look forward to bringing you more info on the all-new Boxen when it finally arrives sometime later this year, that is — of course — assuming we’re actually up to the demanding challenges put forth by Johan Åhlén.