the image shows the anime mc from captain tsubasa ace facing toward an opponent of the opposite team. He has one leg extended behind him ready to kick the oncoming football. both characters have strong action poses suggesting they are running toward eachother on the pitch, and have auras in the shape of animals around them. The MC has a blue phoenix like bird and the opponent has a golden tiger

Captain Tsubasa Ace Tier List

Score! You found our Captain Tsubasa Ace Tier List. Our tier list ranks all the players you can obtain within Captain Tsubasa Ace so you can build your dream footy team.

Had enough of Fifa? Captain Tsubasa Ace is the newest footy-style game to hit the mobile gaming realm. Based on the sporty anime, you can enlist familiar faces into your team and engage in exciting football matches with opponents. Plan your game and challenge your strategy in real-time matchups, all whilst reliving some of the iconic scenes from the Captain Tsubasa IP.

You can check out Captain Tsubasa Ace on the App Store. If you’re a fan of tiers, stick around and check out some more! Nightmare Elemental Spins Tier List.

Captain Tsubasa Ace Tier List

Don’t forget that tier lists are subjective! We try our best to create a tier list that can be most commonly agreed upon by using personal experience, player feedback and external sources. That said, this tier list still might not hit the back of the net for you which is OK! We hope our tier list was at least a little bit helpful in creating your team, however.


OP! These units come to play and to win. You’ve definitely SCORED if you obtain these characters.

  • Ken – Goalkeeper
  • Hyuga – Forward
  • Tachibana – Forward
  • Nitta – Forward
  • Jito – Midfielder
  • Misugi – Defender
  • Tsubasa – Defender
  • Matsu – Defender


Excellent players with a good variety of skills to use out on the pitch. Don’t dismiss them because they aren’t S-Tier, some of these players could still earn a permanent team spot.

  • Genzo – Goalkeeper
  • Sano – Forward
  • Ishizaki – Midfielder
  • Soda – Midfielder
  • Misaki – Defender
  • Sawada – Defender
  • Urabe – Defender


Great for a few niche uses! These players have a few skills that you may find beneficial but are overall quite average.

  • Taki – Forward
  • Takasugi – Midfielder
  • Izawa – Defender
  • Kishida – Defender


Onto the weaker units, these guys need refining a little more to earn permanent placement in your team. Overall not great so don’t settle for less!

  • Masao – Midfielder


I’m not sporty and even I could do better!

  • There is no one here! At least all your options are better than the worst.