Featured image for our news on Captain Tsubasa RIVALS. It features two primary characters facing each otehr in a classic game rivalry style.

Captain Tsubasa RIVALS Drops On Mobile Devices With NFTs

The world is really changing! We’ve got AI, blockchain, crypto, and lots of other tech stuff. And the gaming scene is obviously on the fast track when it comes to keeping up technologically. Well, you might be wondering why I am suddenly dropping random tech wisdom. Because Captain Tsubasa RIVALS, just hit mobile devices, joining the list of blockchain games.

Captain Tsubasa RIVALS is a football game inspired by the popular Captain Tsubasa manga, which started in 1981. Published by SWORD MANAGEMENT it offers you a quick, fun and elegant way to enjoy soccer. It’s developed by Thirdverse and BLOCKSMITH and is free to play.

Captain Tsubasa RIVALS lets you develop your characters, collect valuable items like armour and skins and compete against iconic figures from the Captain Tsubasa manga. It’s a super time-efficient game, requiring only 5 minutes a day for matches. It offers a story mode and a real-time PvP against global challengers.

The game includes strategic elements, such as special moves, skills, attributes and compatibility. It signifies the continued evolution of crypto games. Unlike typical mobile games, crypto games allow players to earn digital valuables, including cryptocurrency and NFTs, through gameplay.

Score A Goal!

The blockchain-based gaming model of Captain Tsubasa RIVALS rewards you for spending more in-game time. So, the more you play, the more awesome stuff you score! Items collected during matches can be swapped for rewards, including new characters as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

The in-game marketplace allows you to generate your own NFTs. For that, you need to train characters using nifty tokens called Tsubasauts, which you can earn through the story mode. The innovative approach totally clicks with where blockchain tech is heading in the gaming industry.

If you want to know more about its blockchain aspect, then head to the official website of the game. If it sounds fun, go ahead and grab the game from the App Store. Also, check out our other news: Abyssrium Match Is A New Candy Crush Saga-Like Underwater Puzzle.