Card-Based RPG Solitairica is Dirt Cheap for iPhone and iPad

What’s better than a game where you beat up loads of monsters? A game where you beat up loads of monsters using the mechanics of solitaire. And what’s better than paying full price for a game? Paying half price for a game, of course. Which brings us round to the really rather brilliant Solitairica.

This is a game that takes the shape of a game of solitaire and then chucks it into a blender filled with monsters, new ideas, loot and some RPGs from the mid-90’s. The end result is a game that isn’t quite like anything you’ve ever played before.

The suits of your cards become different powers, and you can upgrade them to make them even more explosive with the goodies you earn for finishing challenges. Those challenges are going to be different every time round, thanks to the roguelike additions that have been sprinkled throughout Solitairica.

On top of all of that, the game looks lovely. Honestly, cartoon monsters are absolutely our bag right now, and Solitairica is stuffed to the brim with them. There’s a big heart here too, and a decided lack of po-faced seriousness that keeps all the slaughter and tactics on the right side of the light / grimdark divide.

And the best part of this whole story is that right now you can get everything we just described for half price. Click here and you can download Solitairica from the App Store. It’ll cost you just $1.99, which is half as much as the $3.99 that you’d usually be paying for it.