Caribbean Zombie and Zombie Quest: Two New Zombie Games That Look Pretty Damn Good!

Is there no stopping the zombie craze on iOS?! Apparently not… Between Sean’s review of Affliction: Zombie Rising this morning and these two rather intriguing upcoming zombie-centric games shuffling onto our radar, it’s already been a pretty undead heavy day here at iFanzine.

Still reading? Well, I guess that means you’re not totally sick to death of zombies, so let’s dig in and see how exactly this gruesome twosome plan to stand out from the hordes of other similarly-themed games already available on the App Store.

First up we’ve got the unusually titled Caribbean Zombie from PictoSoft (who gave us last March’s slick action-puzzler Shinobi ZIN), which looks set to put a Fruit Ninja-esque spin on the ol’ slaughter-as-many-reanimated-corpses-as-possible-for-a-highscore schtick. PictoSoft promise plenty of “powerful finger action” as you go up against the crazy likes of zombie pirates, bugs, monstrous octopi, and even witches in an adventure that spans 6 distinct worlds and 2 different gameplay modes. Caribbean Zombie is expected to hit on the 5th of June (pending approval from Apple). Check out the official trailer below, and be sure to follow PictoSoft on Twitter for more info.

Also shambling onto iDevices everywhere later this month (June 7th, to be exact) is Zombie Quest from Synaptic Wave. This board game style title sees you taking control of an entire undead army and pitting your wits against the cold cruel logic of notorious otherworldly villains such as Dracula, Pinhead and Frankenstein in a quest to retrieve your stolen soul! I’m really liking what’s on display in Zombie Quest‘s trailer and the game’s unlockable pass and play mode sounds pretty cool too. There are plenty of screenshots and more juicy details about the game over on Synaptic Wave’s official site, so be sure to swing by there if this one’s piqued your interest.