‘Cat Fights’ Gets a Release Date, New Trailer

Dutch indie developer Flow Studios just dropped us a line to let us know that their delightfully weird, local multiplayer-focused beat ’em up, Cat Fights, is set to pounce onto the App Store sometime before the end of July. Accompanying this release date announcement is a brand new gameplay trailer, showcasing the kind of fur-raising fun Cat Fights has to offer. You can check that out below.

I’m a pretty big fan of same device multiplayer games for iPad (not to mention a cat lover), so I’m definitely already sold on this title. But if you still need some more convincing Cat Fights will be worth picking up when it launches this July, here’s the official game synopsis from Flow Studios: 

10157165_745547788802604_2120373083_nCat fights is a game where you fight your friends with cats and silly weapons. The game is local multiplayer which means that everywhere, every-time, it is time to battle!

Aimed to bring fun to places beyond your couch for some good old multiplayer action! Beat the opponent into submission with flashy fighting moves and exciting clash battles. But beware of the time, as when sudden death approaches, the whole world will be out for your nine cat lives as well.

You can customise your cat with weapons and outfits of your choice, ranging from a classic katana to lampposts and medieval armour to astronaut suits. To unlock these options you can earn cat coins to spend on these goodies! Are you up to the challenge?

ETA: June 2014. For more information in the lead up to Cat Fights hitting the App Store, be sure to follow Flow Studios on both Facebook and Twitter.