Cat Killer is a Touch-Based Hack and Slasher, Out Now

Cat Killer is a game about rabbits. Well, one rabbit. One rabbit killing loads of cats. It’s a hack and slasher that uses touch control to guide your lop eared ninja around a series of levels, slicing up any feline that tries to get in their way.

The game looks pretty slick, all sort-of-cel-shaded graphics, flashy slash effects and big bosses. You’ve got a sword, you’ve got a gun and you’ve got the ability to dash between places by double-tapping on the screen.

The controls are certainly interesting, and worth checking out. Swipes control your attacks, taps control your movement. It’s not quite as precise as some other brawlers out there, but that’s not what Cat Killer is aiming for.

There’s equipment and new costumes to unlock, rabbits to rescue and other collectibles to discover too, so you’re never short of things to do. There’s multiplayer on the way too, although what that might entail we’re not sure yet.

If you want to check it out for yourself, you can click here to download Cat Killer from the App Store. It’s free, and we reckon it’s well worth a go. You might not like it, but if the controls click we think you’ll be having a lot of fun with this one.