Cat Quest 2 Launches Next Week on Apple Arcade

The Gentlebros has announced that its upcoming RPG sequel Cat Quest 2 will launch on Apple Arcade as early as next week, along with the launch of the exciting new platform.

To celebrate, the Gentlebros has launched a video feature series detailing the upcoming game, though focusing on its mobile version.

Cat Quest 2 Launches Alongside Apple Arcade on iOS

Cat Quest is an RPG franchise that draws inspiration from the classics. The overworld looks like it was ripped right out of early Final Fantasy, while the gameplay is pure Zelda.

You play as a cat who can learn to cast spells, sling arrows, or whack things with big swords. You’ll find new gear along the way and learn new abilities.

You don’t have long to wait until you can check out the full release, as it launches along with Apple Arcade on September 19.