Catalyst Black, the New Game From Vainglory Dev, Launching This Month

Super Evil Megacorp was one of the first developers to bring a fully featured MOBA – Vainglory – to mobile. And now it’s revealed that its next game, team-based hero shooter Catalyst Black, is set to launch on the App Store later this month.

The game sees you picking from a roster of different characters, finding, equipping and upgrading new gear and then shooting the living snot out of the opposing team. There are a variety of different modes and a big twist too.

The big – quite literally – twist, comes in the form of Primals. You can switch your form to one of these behemoths for a short time and turn the tide of battle. Here’s a trailer to give you a better idea of what to expect.

There’s currently a massive pre-registration campaign running, more details of which you can find at its official website by clicking right here. There’s even a raffle that you’ll be entered into – if you live in the US – that lets you win real-life items like cash and iPhones.

The game is scheduled to land on the App Store worldwide on May 25th, which is just over three weeks from right now. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you when it lands, but for now why not pre-register at the link above to get some in-game goodies for when the game launches.