Cathode’s Journey is a Whole New Take on the Music Game Genre, Out Now on Mobile

Cathode’s Journey is the second life of Cathode the cat.

If you happen to know a lot about the world of electronic music visualization tools, you may already be aware of Cathode’s first life as a character in Juvul’s acclaimed music visualization platform. 

For the uninitiated, Cathode is a robotic cat with a TV for a head and a powerful sense of rhythm who likes nothing more than dancing in kaleidoscopic 3D patterns of color and light. 

Cathode’s Journey, available right now on iOS and Android, is a visually sumptuous rhythm-action game that sees Cathode hurtling through space, along a colorful spiraling platform made of light, in pursuit of a neon butterfly. 

As you can probably tell, Cathode’s Journey is no ordinary rhythm-action game. And there’s not a in-app purchase or ad in sight.

Juvul has gone for broke with its first gaming project, piling innovation upon innovation to create something entirely new. 

The game’s music and sound effects are integral to the gameplay, slowing down and speeding up in response to the stuff that’s happening on the screen as you carry on your half-duel, half-duet with that pesky neon butterfly. 

The result is a sort of interactive symphony whose tempo is dictated by your ability to pick up gems and avoid the hazards that the butterfly is throwing your way. 

Cathode’s Journey is the kind of game that sends you into a flow state, and this effect is magnified by the intuitive tilt controls. Concentration will get you far, but the ability to let go and feel the rhythm will get you farther. 

Fortunately, you’re free to experiment with your approach. There’s no death in Cathode’s Journey – just changes of state. It’s all about getting as much as you can out of the journey.  

To get started, download Cathode’s Journey on the App Store (free version) or the Google Play Store (free version).