Help Kickstart ‘Cats in Space Suits’, a Pretty Stellar Looking Gravity-Based Puzzle Game


So, what’s a fluffy orange housecat to do when a mischievous green alien — riding aboard a flying saucer — swoops down one day and absconds with all of the feline’s precious toys? Obvious that cat is going to have to strap on spacesuit and afterwards fling himself across the galaxy, stopping at every space station along the way, all while using the gravity of planets to help him avoid things like deadly aliens and poisonous nebulas. Thankfully the alien has clumsily discarded some of the cats toys in his wake, meaning that it’ll be really easy for kitty to not lose his quarry within the vast depths of space (and he’ll additionally score bonus points for each of his toys that he grabs along the way).

Thus goes the quirky setup to Cats in Space Suits, the latest game concept from the  German game designers over at Rapid Rabbit (the very same people whom previously developed Medieval Merchants). However, in order to properly help kitty catch that dastardly extraterrestrial, Rapid Rabbit recently turned towards Kickstarter’s community with a request for roughly $22,000 in development funds (or €20k, to be more specific). Kickstarter’s community has in turn so far provided nearly $3.5k of the amount requested (and that was just within the fundraiser’s first five days), yet there’s still much work left to finish if poor kitty is ever going to properly reclaim his catnip mouse once and for all!

Although no tier available will secure you a launch day copy of Cats in Space Suits, thanks to iTunes’ rules, the developers have promised to personally thank everyone donating €5 with a personalized message on their Facebook page. Meanwhile — for those even more generous to aiding kitty kind — further rewards include: official stickers, digital art books, backer mugs, having your name mentioned in the game’s credits, and more! Those now intrigued — however — need to be sure that their donations have been securely chipped in before June 12th rolls around, or else that cantankerous alien will get away scot-free with all of kitty’s prized toys!

If the Kickstarter goes well, Rapid Rabbit hopes to launch Cats in Space Suits sometime this Christmas.