Cavern Adventurers

Cavern Adventurers Is The Latest Adventure Game By Kairosoft

Cavern Adventurers is a new title that drops on iOS devices today. Published and developed by Kairosoft, it’s an adventure game that has cute pixelated art. Currently priced at $6.99, the title debuts at #3 in the Adventure category on the App Store.

Kairosoft is a well-known Japanese game publisher and developer. They have created a bunch of creative and enjoyable simulation games for multiple platforms. Some of their popular mobile titles are simulation games like TV Studio Story, Cafe Master Story, Dream Town Island, Zoo Park Story and the RPG Beastie Bay DX.

What’s Cavern Adventurers About?

It’s about managing caves and saving them from monsters. You get to gather a gang of miners to check out underground caverns. Your tasks include building bridges, putting torches and blowing up rocks to get deeper into the caves. Find new spots during the day and tackle monsters at night.

The fun twist is that not all monsters are evil. Yes, you heard it right! Some might even become your friend and help you out. But beware because there are thieves lurking around, trying to break into your cave and steal your resources. So, you need to set traps at the entrance of your cave and keep it well-guarded.

After clearing a level free of evil monsters and sneaky thieves, rent out the space to shopkeepers and get a cut of their profits. There is a bevvy of loot available in the game, but Gold Keys are tricky to find. Diamonds are rarer and you can snag them through mining, farming and gathering.

Cavern Adventurers is pretty fast-paced. For starter units, you can choose between Rescue and Capture. You can also move structures around as you wish. If all this sounds fun, go ahead and grab the game from the App Store. Also, check out our other news: Wuthering Waves CBT2 Registration Begins Today!