Caves of Lore

Caves of Lore Is A New RPG That Will Remind You Of Avernum And Diablo

Caves of Lore, the surprise hit RPG developed by a solo indie developer is out on iOS devices today. It’s an old-school RPG that’s loved by many players. It was first released one year ago on Steam and now makes its way onto mobile. Priced at $7.99, it already ranks at #10 in the Role Playing category on the App Store.

Developed by Michael Robins under the license name TILTGames, this game is a solo project. Michael began working on the game seven years ago while balancing a full-time job. Interestingly, at the outset, he had no clue where it would lead or how the end product would turn out. Pretty inspiring, don’t you think?

Let’s Talk About The Caves of Lore

In the Caves of Lore, the world is covered in a mysterious fog. This fog has messed with people’s long-term memories and their ability to read and write. You can feel that the title has drawn inspiration from many old RPGs. The caves are filled with secrets, monsters, loot, traps and NPCs.

You get more than 20 areas to explore. The system features up to six party members and a classless structure with levels. The game mainly focuses on exploration along with discovery and combat. You get to shape your characters and companions as you go along. Skills, abilities and spells improve as you use them.

When you’re moving around the overworld, you can lead a group of characters. You can switch party leadership between any companion and yourself, which is pretty flexible. But forget about splitting the party for puzzles that need different actions from different characters because that’s a no-go!

The classless system, along with the learn-as-you-go vibe and flexible spells, makes Caves of Lore a good RPG. If it sounds fun, go ahead and grab the game from the App Store! And before you leave, check out our news on BEAST: Bio Exo Arena Suit Team, A Cosmic Shooter With Quirky Animals, Drops on February 1st.