Chaser Tracer is a Synthwave Scribble-‘Em-Up, Out Next Week

We’ve all been there. A doomsday weapon is about to destroy the world and the only thing that can stop it is tracing some neon shapes. Well, maybe we haven’t all been there yet, but we’ll be able to from April 14th when Chaser Tracer launches on the App Store.

The game sees you trying to disarm The Oblivion Orb by deciphering alien hieroglyphs. All the while you’re being chased by the titular Chaser, a security program of the orb that’s trying to stop you at all costs. There are 100 levels to play through, and a bunch of power-ups to collect to help you on your quest.

And everything is presented in gorgeous 80’s neon brightness. There’s a brilliant synthwave soundtrack to get you in the mood, and a variety of different biomes to keep your eyes intrigued. The world is procedurally generated too, so there’s a whole lot of replayability in those 100 levels.

Chaser Tracer looks like it could be one of those wonderful, slightly obscure mobile games that ends up eating hours of your life. It certainly ticks all the boxes – simple controls, bonkers idea, loads of challenge and a retro-aesthetic that’s going to make a lot of people’s hearts beat faster.

The game is set to launch next week, on April 14th. It’ll be free to download when it lands, and there’ll be IAP in there. Click here to fill up on Chaser Tracer information at the game’s official website before it hits the App Store next week.