Check out the First Story Trailer for Upcoming Apple Arcade JRPG Fantasian

Fantasian is one of a number of upcoming Apple Arcade releases we’re super excited about. It’s from Mistwalker, the studio behind the likes of Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, and it’s created by Hironobu Sakaguchi, who created the Final Fantasy series.

As you might imagine it’s a JRPG with some amazing ideas. For one thing the game takes place on gorgeous dioramas, hand-crafted by some legends of the Japanese cinema industry. It gives the game an awesome, unique style that we’re super excited to see more of.

Then there’s the Dimengeon battle system, which means instead of fighting random battles you can send the monsters you would be scrapping to an alternate dimension. There you could take them all on in one go, letting you explore peacefully before mashing up the beasts in one fell swoop.

A new trailer has just been released the digs deeper into the story that pushes all of Fantasian’s action along. We’ve embedded it below, and we recommend giving it a watch, because it’s pretty darn awesome.

Told you it looked good. The game features a soundtrack from Nobuo Uematsu. Basically, by the sounds of it, everything about Fantasian looks absolutely brilliant. We’re champing at the bit to get our hands on it when it launches for Apple Arcade.

You can click here to check out the game’s App Store page and set up a notification for when it launches. We’re doing the same thing right now, because we want Fantasian in our lives ASAP.