Check out This Story Cinematic for PUBG: New State

Just a couple of weeks ago, pre-orders went live on the App Store for mobile battle royale reboot PUBG: New State. And now we’ve got a new cinematic to share with you that explains some of the story behind the game.

New State is set in Troi, a city in turmoil, and seems to have a lot more narrative behind it than the original PUBG did, at least to begin with. There are factions, there are creepy gold masks, there’s a lot going on behind all the shooting and looting.

Here’s the cinematic, which is about four minutes long and definitely worth checking out. The music, if you’re wondering, is by Ice Nine Kills.

If that’s got you excited for PUBG: New State, you can click here to join the more-than-a-million people who have already pre-ordered the game on mobile. You’d hate to get left behind, right?

PUBG: New State is scheduled for launch on October 8th. We’re taking that with a pinch of salt, but if it’s true you can expect more trailers, cinematics and videos to land in the coming weeks. Click here to check out the game’s official website and keep yourself as up to date as possible.