The Upcoming ‘ChemCaper’ Is One Part Chemistry Lesson, One Part RPG

Ace EdVenture Studios’ upcoming ChemCaper seeks to tackle the dilemma of getting kids interested in chemistry, via a game aiming to teach numerous fundamental properties of chemistry at a younger age than when the topic would normally be covered in school. The game begins with players following Roub Idyum — a young Moon Being from the lands of Reac Ta — on a mission to find his people’s missing Deity, when everything begins to go horribly wrong. The moon people — by the way — are all based on the reactive metals, and as such their entire homeland is covered by a thick curtain of oil designed to keep out things such as water (although this does end up making the place rather dark).

Anyways, as Roub is exploring Camp Ungku — where numerous Petticles live — he hears reports that his homeland has suddenly come under a series of vicious attacks led by the very same Petticles (whom represent the individual elements listed on the periodic table). Now Roub has no choice but to discover what is suddenly turning these Petticles — normally known for their friendly nature — into vicious creatures actively scheming towards the demise of Reac Ta, as well as how to stop the source of this evil-influence. To accomplish this Roub will have to team up with Petticles as well — preferably ones that are still friendly — and exploit their inherent properties to win, especially the ways their powers interact together when they use powerful combo-attacks (chemistry in motion)!


Furthermore — just for good measure — the entire experience will be accompanied by a majestic soundtrack scored by the legendary Norihiko Hibino, whom previously worked with Hideo Kojima on series such as Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders.

Ace EdVenture is already planning to bring ChemCaper — Act 1: Petticles in Peril to mobile devices this March, but — acknowledging that kids the world over don’t always have access to broadband internet — they desperately want physical distribution as well. That’s why they recently launched a Kickstarter aiming to make available physical copies of ChemCaper’s PC-release, so that people won’t be restricted from the experience based around regional and/or financial concerns (but it’ll also be available via Steam as well). Their fundraiser — which has already been raved about by all whom received a chance to test-play ChemCaper’s iOS edition — has so far been doing very well on this front, with over $42,000 of the Kickstarter’s $50,000 goal currently secured.

However — with less than eight days remaining — there’s still much work to be done, lest ChemCaper forever remain little more than a mobile only project (limited exclusively to those with access to both mobile devices, and broadband internet access).

Therefore, assuming you’d like to help Ace EdVenture with their mission — rather than simply purchase the game when it launches this March — a $13 pledge will secure yourself not only an early digital copy, but also list you within ChemCaper’s credits. Meanwhile — for those extra dedicated to furthering Chemistry-based edutainment — additional backer rewards include: digital soundtrack and art books, physical boxed editions of the game,  a set of collectible cards featuring the Petticles, and much more! Finally — should any teachers being reading this — there’s even high-end backer options that not only include fifty boxed copies of the game, but also contains various class-room focused teaching aids (right down to actual lab coats and safety goggles).

However — should you now find yourself desiring to help Ace Edventure’s ChemCaper reach the widest range possible — you’ll need to be sure your donations are securely chipped in before February 11th rolls around, or else Reac Ta just might meet a grim fate.