PanicPOP’s Quirky Puzzler ‘Chest Quest’ Flies past Its Kickstarter Funding Goal

unnamedPanicPop — a Florida based team of indie game developers — recently saw great success on Kickstarter, securing the funds needed to bring Chest Quest over to iDevice users everywhere. Their free title — which can already be sampled over at Google Play — stars Perry the Parrot, whom must compete in over fifty different puzzle challenges against the maniacal Shay the Shark. However, it’s not going to be that simple as Shay can randomly sling curses upon Perry to diabolically rearrange the battlefield (thankfully Perry has some magical tricks of his own up his sleeve — er, wing — with which to fight back).

Anyways — thanks to the generosity of Kickstarter backers everywhere — iOS users will also soon be able to get in on all the free memory based action, but now with even more levels and local multiplayer options. This updated version — complete with a thank you notice to most of their backers in the credits — is currently slated to arrive sometime around late April, assuming everything goes down without a hitch. While none of PanicPop’s stretch goals were achieved this time around, perhaps there will still be time for Perry to enjoy online multiplayer if the iOS release brings the game enough attention.