Chicken Police: Paint it Red is a new Adventure Game With an Animalistic Twist

If you’re looking for a new detective game that mixes aspects from point-and-click adventures and visual novels, but you’re sick to the back teeth of looking at human heads, then Chicken Police: Paint it Red could well be the game for you.

It sees you trying to solve a series of crimes – but all of the characters you meet have animal heads. Throw in some unique noir-style art, a massive cast of characters and more than 30 ever-changing locations to explore and you’re probably on to a winner.

The game has been out on a whole bunch of other platforms for a while now, and it’s been warmly received. It’s got a cynical sense of humor, some pretty dark twists and the story is good enough to keep you somewhere close to the edge of your seat. Plus chicken-heads. Heh.

You can grab the game from the App Store right now, where it’ll set you back $8.99. Click here to download Chicken Police: Paint it Red right this second.